About us.

Our Story.

The story of Novista begins in 2013 with an idea to develop a weighted blanket that feels soft. Our founder, Sven-Inge Kjell, who has been working on developing aids since the 70s, noticed that the weighted blankets on the market consisted of very hard materials like chains or balls.

Together with his wife, Britt Kjell, he created a prototype of a blanket with weights made of textile fibers. With the prototype in hand, Sven-Inge headed to the heart of Europe’s textile industry, Porto in Portugal. Once there, he went from door to door until a factory embraced the idea.

That’s where the Weighted Fiber Blanket™ was born – a weighted blanket that is soft and flexible like a wave.

Today, the special textile fiber thread is a central ingredient in many of our products. Along the way, we have also developed weighted blankets with glass beads and a soft weighted vest. Our unique fiber construction is inspired by the waves of the west coast and the feeling of calm that comes when gazing out over the sea in Båstad.

Sven-Inge’s belief in quality design, fair production, and helping people lives on through his daughter, Emmy Kjell. As CEO and product developer at Novista, she continues to develop the most thoughtful weighted products on the market.



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What we do.

We develop the softest weighted products on the market. We specialize in Fibertyngd blankets and stylish weighted vests. Our textile fiber is as heavy and effective as chains and balls, but it’s soft, enveloping, and follows your movements.

Why we exist.

We work to make high-quality weighted products accessible that improve people’s lives. Whether you have a disability and need support in daily life, are an elite athlete, or are in sixth grade, our innovative products and knowledge help you achieve calm, peaceful nights and focused days.

Our philosophy.

Novista’s core values are knowledge, quality, and security. We aim to be the customer’s first choice, and this places significant demands on us to meet and preferably exceed customer expectations.

To achieve this, honesty, respect, and forward-thinking are key elements in our business. For us, forward-thinking also means considering environmental sustainability throughout our business chain, from materials and production to transportation and recycling.

Production, innovation, and tradition.

In the region north of Porto, Portugal, lies one of the world’s most distinguished textile manufacturing centers. Here, we produce all our products using the knowledge and skill accumulated over centuries within the local textile industry.

Portugal’s textile history dates back to the mid-16th century and is one of Europe’s oldest. Preserving tradition, solid craftsmanship, professional pride, and curiosity about new innovations enable us to maintain high quality in our manufacturing, where some processes are handmade.

We have a strong relationship with our manufacturers, ensuring that production meets the quality, environmental, and labor standards we uphold.

Sustainability, reuse, and recycling.

As a company, we want to take responsibility for the products we produce. Our products are of high quality and have a long lifespan. We don’t follow trends but focus on timeless cuts and shapes designed to last.

We only produce as many products as needed, and we strive for each Novista product to be used to its maximum potential throughout its lifespan. Our production is in the EU, and our supply chain is efficient to minimize our environmental footprint.

Through a partner, we reuse and recycle as much as possible of our products. Some items are reconditioned and donated, while those that cannot be reused are recycled into hospital materials.

Innovations from Sweden

The innovative design and unique weighting element in our weighted products are based on knowledge acquired over more than 40 years in the assistive device industry.

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